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Subscription - Cordial Blend

Subscription - Cordial Blend

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Our darkest roast. Behind roasty flavors there is dark chocolate, warming spices, toasted nuts, and raisins.

How much coffee do you need? 1 bag every week? Maybe 2 bags every month? You have enough to worry about, don't make your coffee inventory one of them. Set it and forget it with a simple subscription! 


How often should I get a delivery?

I drink 1 cup a day I drink 2 cups a day There are two of us and we both have 1 cup a day
bi-weekly weekly  weekly


When will my first subscription arrive? 

Coffee is roasted fresh every week on Tuesday. Your first order will be roasted and shipped on the next Tuesday roast date. 

Pause or cancel anytime!

Access your customer portal via the email confirmation from your first order. Here you can pause, cancel, or tack on a second bag at any time. 

Having trouble finding your customer portal via email? Reach out to us at 

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