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Nightglow Blend

Nightglow Blend

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Sweet and rich with notes of brown sugar, blackberry and melon. 

This light-medium blend is a blend of natural Ethiopia and washed Peru. The Peru brings a strong backbone to the blend and the natural Ethiopia brings fruity sweetness and highlights making every sip delightful.

Why Nightglow?

These colors remind us of the night sky just after sunset, and before dawn. These colors are calming, and bring balance after a day ends, and before it begins. 

**All our coffee is roasted fresh. Roasting occurs weekly on Tuesdays and orders are shipped the next business day**

Brewing ratio recommendation (grams of coffee : water)

1:17 to start - adjust water ratio to 16g for a stronger cup, and 18g for a lighter cup

Current blend components:

Peru - Lima Coffee washed
Ethiopia - Idido natural

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