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Flores - Tuang Coffee

Flores - Tuang Coffee

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Complex and rich in sweetness with lively acidity. Notes of blood orange, melon candy, orange blossom, and plantain.

Roast level: Light-medium
Processing method: Washed
Region: Manggarai
Cooperative: Tuang Coffee
Varietals: Kartika, Timor Hybrid, Caturra

This coffee is exciting and not just for its complex and unique character, but we have never had a coffee from this region! The first time we tasted this offering before putting it on Relative's menu it reminded us of tasty washed offerings from Kenya and Ethiopia. Combine the two and you get a mix of sweet florals and deep sugary citrus fruits like blood orange.

About the region: 

Manggarai is an area of western Flores and islands off the west coast that has been split into three regencies over the past 70 years. The Manggarai people, descendants of the aboriginal peoples of Flores, have settlements covering almost the entire western third of Flores. Tropical farming is a large portion of the area’s economy, including rice, legumes, vegetables, tobacco, corn, and coffee.

Geographically, Manggarai is mountainous, with foggy valleys in between peaks and terraced rice fields throughout. The highest peaks of the highlands are lava domes formed by Ranakah volcano. 


Brewing ratios for drip and cold brew

Brewing ratios are the base for coffee brewing recipes. It's a way to make sure coffee brews to the strength we enjoy it!

For example, 1:15 would mean one gram of coffee to 15 grams of water and would make for a heavier cup of coffee. Increasing this to 1:20 would mean a more tea like brew.

Adjust these ratios to taste on any coffee, but we have a

Pour over, drip brews, and other paper filter methods

  • 1 : 17 for our light and light-medium roasts
  • 1 : 18 for our medium and medium-dark roast levels
  • Grind size fine-medium sand size

Cold Brew Concentrate

  • 1 : 4.6
  • Grind size as coarse as your grinder goes
  • A french press recipe with ratio above would be 170g coffee to 793g water.
  • Steep in cold water in fridge for 12-14 hours
  • Cut 50/50 with water or to taste for diluted brew.

How long should I wait after the roast date to use?

Coffee is off gassing from the time it is roasted. Brewing coffee that is too fresh is difficult to extract because CO2 will repel water and make it hard to extract what makes coffee tastes great!

Paper filter or full immersion brew method (ie. pour over, brew pot, french press)

At least 3 days.

When you go to pour hot water over your coffee grounds you see the coffee 'bloom' or bubble up. Depending on your brew method, this can be a way to open the coffee up for continued brewing.


At least 5-7 days.

Espresso is a highly concentrated and pressurized brewing method. CO2 has nowhere to go so it's best to let the coffee release this naturally past the roast date.

Where are your Espresso Roasts?

Did you know that Espresso is a brewing method and not a roast level?

Any coffee from any roaster can be an espresso, but some coffees in our lineups work better than others!

Relative coffees that work best for espresso

Our blends and light-medium roast offerings are great for espresso 5-7 days off roast.

If you try our lighter roasts as espresso, give it an extra couple of days to off gas so extraction is easier.

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