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Cordial Blend

Cordial Blend

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Nostalgic and dark with notes of bittersweet cocoa, warming spices, and toasted nuts

This dark roast is nostalgic and stands well on its own for the dark roast drinker, or with the addition of milk and syrups for those who want to still taste coffee through the addition of condiments.

Why Cordial?

"Warm and friendly," by definition - describes what we are all about. This coffee conjures up imagery of gathering around a fireplace or a bonfire with good company, a fire smell on our clothes, and sweet treats. We want you to experience our coffees knowing that everything we do is from a humble and inviting place.

Drip brewing ratio recommendation (grams of coffee : water)

1:18 to start - adjust water ratio to 17g for a stronger cup, and 19g for a lighter cup

Current blend components:

Brazil, Carmo de Minas natural
Mexico, Chiapas washed
Java, West Java washed

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