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Color Block Blend

Color Block Blend

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An all-day cup with style. Balanced and approachable with note notes of milk chocolate, red fruit, and honey

This light-medium blend is built for a crowd. Consistent in flavor year-round, this cup stays balanced in sweetness, acidity, and body and works for any brewing method.

Why Color Block?

Color blocking in design has been around since the 1940s and within the design there is always balance and reason grounded in the use of color theory and composition. Sounds like building a coffee blend!

Color blocking may not have been everyone's favorite clothing trend, but as a coffee blend it is enjoyable until the last drop.

Drip brewing ratio recommendation (grams of coffee : water)

1:17 to start - adjust water ratio to 16g for a stronger cup, and 18g for a lighter cup

Current blend components:

Brazil, Carmo de Minas natural
Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe washed
Colombia, Cauca washed

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