• We roast for balance and sweetness across all roast levels. Something for everyone!

  • We source coffee seasonally for freshness and value relationships that foster people and our planet whenever possible.

  • We will always meet you where you are at. Coffee tastes best the way you want it!

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Coffee is relative to your experience with it.

We all taste differently. Our job as a roastery is to make your job of brewing and enjoying coffee easier to do. Take it with cream and sugar, drink it straight, you do you!

Coffee as relative as color.

Each roast level has range. A light roast from one roastery could taste tart and lively, and that same coffee somewhere else can taste sweet and balanced. It can be hard to know what to expect. Let us help.

Below is a guide to our roast levels.

  • Light roasts

    High acidity and sweetness with taste of place (terroir) and processing method.

  • Light-medium roasts

    High sweetness with medium acidity while maintaining taste of place and processing method.

  • Medium roasts

    Bigger body with medium sweetness and soft acidity. Taste of place gets quieter.

  • Medium-dark roasts

    Big body with lower sweetness and lower acidity. Roast flavor is most present at this roast level for Relative.

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Remember that coffee is fun!

That's why we're so colorful. Now go enjoy some coffee. You deserve it.

- Team Relative -