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Rwanda - Kirorero Microlot

Rwanda - Kirorero Microlot

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Deep sweetness and winey acidity. Notes of honey, black cherry, and rooibos tea.

Roast level: Light-medium
Processing method: Washed
Region: Western Province
Cooperative: COOPAC 
Washing Station: Kirorero 
Varietals: Bourbon

Offerings from Rwanda come and go in the coffee industry very quickly. It is not hard to understand why that is. Tasting notes like florals and teas with deep sweetness and stone fruits are why we and many love this origin. If you are a fan of coffee from Eastern Africa you do not want to miss out!

Here is a breakdown of our notes

Deep sweetness and winey acidity: At first sip, the cup is intensely sweet and reminds of of full bodied white wine or light bodied red wine. 

Honey: A connection to high sweetness and a taste that lingers on the palate with some earthiness.

Black cherry: A connection to acidity and sweetness. Fresh black cherries are sweet with a pleasant tartness. If you have never had a black cherry, a bing cherry is its less sweet cousin.

Rooibos tea: A sweet and earthy tea with notes of vanilla, caramel, and a pleasant earthiness that is very much like honey. They are smooth and enjoyable.

About the region: 

Microlots from Rwanda are traceable to the cooperative and washing-station level, and are selected based on cup quality. These lots are then separated out from the larger bulked day lots that the washing station produces, and represent the highest quality.

Bordering Lake Kivu and the Nyugwe Forest, the Western Province of Rwanda is a very abundant and tropical area. The soil is a mixture of sandy and black humus at extreme elevations and have allowed for small producers and washing stations to turn out specialty coffee at volumes that Rwanda has never seen before. 

Brewing ratio recommendation for drip/pour over methods (grams of coffee : water)

1:17 to start - adjust water ratio to 16g for a stronger cup, and 18g for a lighter cup


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